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another year done   Leave a comment

today is our last day of school for the 2010-2011 school year.
The sixth grade class just had their graduation.
one boy cried and a couple of girls were a bit emotional.

as they move onward and upward to junior high, I find there are a few I hate to see go.
Some I will be glad to see go.
But there are a few (my favorites) who I doubt I will ever see again.
That makes it a bit sad.
but onward and upward they must go, just like any other child.

My own grand-daughter will be starting Kindergarten this fall.
Hard to believe she is that old already.
But, I’m sure (as the older I get the faster time flies) it won’t be long and she will have graduated from elementary school to junior high and high school.

time just goes that fast.

Still as I prepare the school for next fall, (eleven weeks from today, school will start again)  it will be sad to see some of the kids go.

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It is another Rose kind of day   Leave a comment

the last day of school for the students, I have a three-day weekend and all is well in my world!!!
Definitely a rose kind of day!

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the long and short of it   Leave a comment

so here I am thinking about cutting all my hair off.
It is tempting and yet I am not sure I want to do it.
Because it is just now at a length where I can manage it and change it up a bit.
With it short, there is nothing to do with it, but have the same style every day.

so I am still debating.
Some days I want it all off NOW!  But that is usually days like last Monday, Memorial Day, when the salon wasn’t open.

Also I don’t like my fingernails to get too long.
I cut them short, like I did yesterday and here in about four weeks they will be too long to suit me and I will cut them short again.

Always a conflict in my mind.
Ha ha


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a nice quiet thunderstorm   1 comment

as I was driving into work today I could see lightning off in the distance.
I got to work and watched the clouds begin to form.
I opened up the school and ate my breakfast and then started on my morning chores which led me back outside for a moment.
The clouds were quite pretty and now there is a soft rain with a bit of lightning and thunder to mix in.
the only down side to it raining all day is Keira’s ball game may be called off.

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