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50 years old and still learning   Leave a comment

so here I am, in my 50th year of life on this earth and I have to re-invent myself.
Basically I have to learn to keep my mouth shut and not voice my opinions.
Basically just be a door mat and not express my thoughts and feelings.

My daughter-in-law is becoming difficult to deal with and since she is the key to my seeing my two precious grand daughters, I have to just accept her bullshit and deal with it.

Sometimes I would like to smack her, she is so stubborn and inconsiderate.
But of course I won’t.
I will just smile and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and be grateful for the little time I am now allowed to see my grand daughters.

Lord give me the strength to do this!

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already June   Leave a comment

is it me or is this year going by quickly?
Can’t believe it is already June 1st.

Two months ago already I was heading to Florida.
Seems almost impossible.

but the temperatures are finally getting warmer and staying that way.
I don’t want it hot and humid but warmer than fifties and sixties is nice.

Posted June 1, 2011 by Marge in ramblings