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To quote my grand-daughter who is sitting here right next to me watching Barney, she saw a big egg roll into a pole and a bucket fell down on top of it to cover it up and she says “Ohhhhhhh  SHIT!!!””
I said, “No say oh shoot”

so she said “oh shoot”

She picks up everything.
And no she didn’t learn the word shit from me.
I don’t say that word.

There are just a few cuss words I believe are too disgusting to use.
My least favorite is bastard.
but I’m not crazy about shit, or God Damn it either.
You will never hear me say any of those swear words.

Of course I refuse to say the word   Suck either.
hate that word with a passion.
Hate when people use it around me too.

Just a disgusting word.


Posted May 1, 2011 by Marge in family, Kayla, my loves, ramblings

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