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water for elephants revisited   Leave a comment

I went to “Water for Elephants” yesterday afternoon and I was quite pleased that they followed the book fairly closely.

yes there was a few changes but not many and although it wasn’t a movie to win an oscar, it was quite good.
I enjoyed it.

Of course having Robert Pattison to look at made it all the more enjoyable.
the critics didn’t care for it and were criticizing his acting ability but I rarely if ever listen to the critics when I go to a movie.
I like to form my own opinion

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best laid plans   Leave a comment

I’ve given up on making any plans.
My children are always changing mine.
Watching their children so they can go out and do things, puts my plans completely out of whack.
Yes I know I can say no to them, but I love having my grandchildren too.

Was planning on going to Water for Elephants today but will have to postpone it until tomorrow since I have my grandson.

Have a lot of things I want to do this weekend but can’t get to them with him here because he has to be watched constantly.

one small thing he finds on the floor will go into his mouth and while I may be a decent housekeeper, he does tend to find things that I don’t see.

But he is a wonderful boy and my best laid plans can wait.

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I miss the sun   1 comment

I miss the sun.
miss it warmth and the feeling of coziness that the sun projects.
All we are getting is rain and drizzle and darkness.
it is depressing.
I could never live  in a place where the sun hardly ever shined.

it has been days, literally days since the sun has shown.
Oh it was out the other late afternoon for about ten minutes before the sun set but that hardly counts.

I hope we can get warmer temperatures soon and a lot of sunshine!!!
I need the sun to live.
Otherwise I feel like I am fading fast……..

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people annoy me   Leave a comment

why do people annoy me?
I had a guy here at work laugh and say to me “You just get me”
And I said “What does that mean?”
He said “I just think the way you think is funny”
I looked at him and said “not my job in life to make you understand what I do or don’t do.  You don’t have to “get me”  I “get me” and that is all that matters”
Hate when people act like they are superior and or are more intelligent than I am.
So what if they are?
What I do and the way I do it, is my business and no one out there, has to “Get me” to make my life work.

Sometimes I hate people.

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gobbly goop   Leave a comment

it is Thursday.
Seems like it has been a long week.
I think the weather has a lot to do with it.
So rainy and cold.

They say it should warm up next week but still chances of rain every day.

I know we are in April and April showers bring May flowers but really enough is enough.

Where are those warmer temps?

Didn’t get to see Keira and Kayla last night as I had planned and hoped to see them
Their parents decided to take them to their other grandmother to do Easter eggs.
So I miss them a great deal.
Yes we will have them Saturday night but still that is three days away!

I did get to see Aaron though last night which of course is great.

Not feeling the love of being here today.
Although I have been busy and got a lot done, I still would rather be home than here.
But tomorrow is Friday so that is quite wonderful.

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To do list   Leave a comment

so when I am off of work from April 29th through May 10th, I have given myself a long “honey do list”

A lot of spring cleaning and working in the attic to clean that out.
I personally am of the belief if something sits in the attic for over a year, then obviously I can live with out it.
And there is a lot of things up there that have been there for over a year.

I want to help my husband move stuff from our garage to his brother’s so we can get ready to tear down that garage.

and I want to try to get some writing done as well.

Also have to finish painting the kitchen, living room and stairwell to the basement.

I can almost imagine I won’t get it all done.
Some where along the way I will tell myself, ” hey this is vacation, why am I working so hard?”

still I am looking forward to the time off.

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another insane dream   Leave a comment

I dreamt last night that I told my husband “I love you Steve”  (Steve is a man I use to date years ago) and my husband was so mad he came after me with a gun.
Now mind you, I know it was a dream, but man did it seem real.
my fear was there and in the dream if he could get to me he would kill me.

I woke up very afraid wondering if he would actually get that mad?
I will have to talk to him about it.

I have a fear of guns anyway, due to a dream I use to have for years about running up some cement steps and someone shooting me in the back.
it was a dream I dreamt at least once a month when I was in my twenties

still………..I can’t not get over how insane my dreams are.
So vivid, so real……….

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Doom   Leave a comment

I have a sense of doom.
I can’t even explain it any better than that.
Something bad is going to happen.
I can feel it, sense it……almost like the presence is right next to me.

The last two nights I have gone to bed and I can just feel the darkness.
I use to talk about the death ghost that would come to visit me and it is like that in a way but yet again it isn’t.
I just sense something is wrong.
Something is off.
Something isn’t as it should be.

My eldest child, (who is estranged from me) is in Utah with her significant other and maybe that is what has me worried.
Two women out there alone.

I may have my husband text her later to make sure she is alright.

I am a worrier and I know that.
But ninety-five percent of the time I feel like I am blessed and grateful for my children and grandchildren and all is right with my world.

this part here, this feeling that I have had these last two days……..I can’t say it is about a child of mine, or a grandchild of mine…or if it is a sibling…..or what?
I just have a sense of something really bad is going to happen.
And I won’t like it a bit.

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stupid dreams   Leave a comment

man did I have some stupid dreams last night.
The first one was I dreamt I had Brad Pitt’s baby.
now why I would dream such an asinine thing, is beyond me.
Number one  he is younger than I am and I wouldn’t date anyone younger than me, let alone sleep with them.
Number two  there is no way in hell he would look at me twice

number three  my ability to have a baby died fifteen years ago when I had a hysterectomy

Just amazed me that I dream something so down right stupid.

My second dream was about an old flame, which just annoys me to no end.
Because that is over and done and has been for a long time.

Crazy dreams………

makes me wonder why I dream what I do????

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