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I wrote a tiny little comment yesterday on William and Catherine and it got more hits than anything else I have ever written.

I am shocked

If I came across as hating the thought of the two to of them than I apologize.
I don’t hate them.
I honestly am happy that they are married and I do hope they  have a great life together.

I just think there is more going on in the world then their wedding.

Maybe the fairytale has everyone captivated.
if so that is great I guess.
But I would rather hear about people striving to help those who lost so much in the south when the tornadoes hit.
or something incredibly wonderful like a rich person giving to the poor

But don’t get me wrong I am happy for William and Catherine.
(She needs to gain some weight though)


Posted April 30, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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