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today I am the mouse

no doubt about it, today I am the mouse

Seems like someone is toying with me.
Seems like nothing is going as it should
And my sinus headache is back and I am still on the medicine the doctor prescribed me!

so annoying!
I keep telling myself I am on vacation in a little over forty-eight hours and off for nine days, but it isn’t helping right now………

  its one of those days where I would like to be home, snug in comfort in front of a roaring fire and just enjoy my quiet time.
I haven’t had any really good down time of late and I feel like days just run into each other with no time for rest.
Guess that is what grandchildren do for me.
it is supposed to be sunny and middle 40’s today which will be quite nice, but I still long for the comfort of home and a good book to see me through