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  I’ve talked about this before, the water calls to me

I should have been born a pieces because I definitely love the water.
Weather it is a majestic waterfall, or a lake, or a sandy beach.
It simply could be a river running through it all………

I crave the water


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I hope I get to see dolphins at least once when we venture to Florida.

More than once would be awesome, but if it is only once, I will be thrilled

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skip a dee do dah, skip a dee day….my oh my what a wonderful day…….plenty of sunshine heading my way, skip a dee do dah, skip a dee day


as I always do I look at the screen for a moment or so and try to come up with a title for the blog I am about to write.
Sometimes, actually more often than not, I choose a picture in my album and go with that to move me to write something.
However today the above title just sprang into my mind so there you have it.
I’m doubting it will be a wonderful day………for several reasons.
first off, I’m at work and it is snowing outside.
it is sticking to the ground and to the ramps outside my school.

I did believe my shoveling days were behind me until this fall.

secondly I got into my car last night and as I started the twenty-mile drive home, I felt like someone or something was stabbing me in the back.

my lower back on the left side.
the longer I drove home the worse the pain got.
So I was in pain all night and while it isn’t as strong today I can still feel it a bit.
(I KNOW there is always something wrong with me!)

and third (on my reasons why this won’t be a wonderful day)  I had my two grand daughters last night, Keira and Kayla.
Keira is 4 and Kayla is 2

Keira was happy and bubbly and content until she said to me she wanted to go to a store and buy a new toy
I told her no we weren’t going to do that.
She got mad at me and threw a fit royally.
She screamed, she kicked she told me she hated me and just basically had a meltdown.
I swatted her once on the butt and told her to lay there on the couch and she couldn’t get up until she was a nice little girl again.
She screamed for four or five more minutes and then calmed down.
After that she was better, but still hateful when she talked.

Now Kayla is picking up on Keira’s behavior.
I brushed her hair out of her face as she sat on my lap and Kayla says to me “Don’t touch me! Leave me alone!”
And a bit later she said “I don’t like you”

How does one deal with such behavior?
Keira seems so young to be having this kind of attitude right now.
And Kayla picking up on Keira’s behavior just makes me nuts.
Kayla even got in trouble when her mom came home from work and Keira laughed because Kayla got in trouble.
I told her it wasn’t funny and she stuck her tongue out at me.

Sigh………I have no idea how to reach Keira right now.
If things don’t go her way, she is a monster.

Yes her father went through this as well.
And maybe they all did and I just don’t remember…..
But damn….it is tough to be around them when they behave like this……..

on an up note, the sinus medicine I got from the doctor seems to be working AND  only 5 more days till we fly the friendly skys south!

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