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I’m tired today.
Not sure exactly why except that I woke up an hour earlier than I normally do.
It is Monday morning again, my very least favorite day of the week.
I am at work and should get up and get moving, but have no desire or ambition to do so.

I wouldn’t say I am in a bad mood but I am in a mood none the less.
It feels like it will be a long drawn out week.

I also woke up feeling like something was wrong.
Not sure what or with whom, only that something is wrong.
and I hate that.

they are talking snow showers off and on for the next thirty-six to forty-eight hours.
and then it is supposed to warm up to the low sixties by the weekend.
Which will be nice.

according to the weather channel it is between 75 and 82 in Daytona Beach, where we will be next week at this time.

a chance of rain a few days while we are there, but not like I can change that.


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