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first off I would head south to Kansas and drive to Oklahoma City, over to Amarillo Texas, through Albuquerque New Mexico and on to the Grand Canyon

then I would travel up to my beloved Utah


and if the time allowed I might even go to Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park, before heading home to Iowa.
Could I do all of that in ten days?
It might be rushed, but then again…….it would be worth it.
Just appeals to me so much to think about it………

I find myself day dreaming about it all of the time………

the west calls to me………



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Somewhere with you   Leave a comment

If you’re going out with someone new, than I’m going out with someone too

If you see me out on the town and it looks like I’m burning it down, you won’t ask and I won’t say, but in my heart I’m always somewhere with you

I’d go, I’d go, somewhere with you………

That is a song Kenny Chesney sings.
It woke me up this morning playing on the radio and driving in I heard it again so naturally it is in my head.
not that I mind.
It is a pretty song.

I can go out every night of the week, and go home with anybody I met but it’s just a temporary high, cuz when I close my eyes I’m somewhere with you


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so I was talking to this woman I work with and I was telling her how I wanted to go west for my birthday.
I know dear reader I have touched on this subject before.

as I was telling her about my desire to go west I said that I should go weather my husband wanted to go or not.
I should just get in my car and go.
And she said “All alone? I’m not sure I am comfortable with that”

I laughed and said “Well I don’t think you get a vote”
She wasn’t offended about it, but she was surprised I would even consider thinking of going anywhere by myself.
I think it would be great fun.
Drive for as long as I wanted, stop whenever I wanted, eat whenever I wanted.
Yeah it might get a bit lonely at times, but that is what the radio and cd’s are for.

I doubt I will do it because my children and husband would frown on it I know.
But still it would be fun……….


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