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Water for Elephants   1 comment

I just finished this book by Sara Gruen.
it was quite good.
The movie is coming out on April 22nd and I am anxious to see it.
I do hope they follow the book closely.
So many movies don’t follow the book as they should.
It was never boring and hard to put down.

I am also a fan of Robert Pattinson, so hopefully he will do the movie justice as well.


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Elizabeth Taylor   Leave a comment

The icon and once incredibly beautiful Elizabeth Taylor has passed away.

she always reminded me a lot of my mother.
Especially when she was younger.

Ms. Taylor Ā was 79

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ugh   Leave a comment

that is the only thing I can come up with today for a title.
I feel like crap.
I thought I was getting better but alas…today I feel worse than yesterday.
My head is full and my sinus’ are quite painful today.
No fun at all really.

the thought of flying south in ten days can’t even make me feel better.
At this point it feels like ten weeks away yet.

Sure hope I feel better before I fly the friendly sky’s


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