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I know in eleven days I am flying to Florida and that will be great.
But what I really want to do is get in my car and drive to the Grand Canyon.
I have the first ten days of May off,
I will be turning 50 on May 2nd.
I just want to be in the car and drive out West where the mountains are beautiful and the scenery will be spectacular!

I want to head south, towards Texas and drive through New Mexico, and then Arizona where the Grand Canyon is, and then drive up through Nevada and back to my beloved Utah and through Colorado again.

Maybe even detour through Wyoming again and then come home.
Ideally that is my dream vacation.
yes I will enjoy the ocean and the lounging on the beach………but the west is calling me……….

and I so badly want to answer………




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I’m back in the saddle again   Leave a comment

you know I could get really use to never coming to work.
But here I am again.
even though I was sick yesterday it was nice not being at work.
Darn it, if only I could afford to just not work ever again.
I know, that is everyone’s dream.
or everyone I know anyway.

I would really have to curb my spending if I quit working……

no vacations and no upgrading my car every five years or so……

still….to never work again………..that sounds ideal.

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