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Lord God help

the more I watch on Japan the more I know we need God to answer our prayers.
Those poor people.
The awful circumstances they are forced to endure.
And that doesn’t touch the nuclear plant that is struggling to contain toxic radiation

they are dealing with cold and no shelter, hardly any food and water.
They are searching for bodies or against all hope a live person.

not to mention they have all that clean up to take care of.
It pains me to see and know they are in such dire straights.

it is horrific and I feel so deeply for those people
Gracious Heavenly Father, please look after the people in Japan.
it is in your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray


a slice of heaven shining down through the trees and reflecting on the pond glimmering brightly.

my being the water girl that I am, I love seeing the sun shining off the water.
I am anxious to head to Florida here in ………18 days.

and when I return I plan on bringing complete warmth back to Iowa toΒ  stay until next November.

it amazes me to feel the way I am feeling.
Just because the sun is shining and the temps are in the 60’s
Everything seems brighter, sweeter……wonderful…….

Love spring and the thought of the trees blooming and the grass turning green.
God is smiling on Iowa today

you hold my heart in the palm of your hand.
you hold my happiness in everything you choose to do.
you keep me safe and I am blessed to be so dear to you.
Hold my heart, love me true
keep me safe
I love you


blow me a kiss, come closer and I will wrap you in my embrace and kiss you fully.
lean into me and I will lean in to you and we will wrap ourselves in this incredible thing called kissing.
mouth to mouth, heart to heart, soul to soul.

is there anything better than a fantastic passionate kiss?

are you the cat or the mouse?

My sister loves bears, and since it was her birthday yesterday I ran across this picture and am posting it in her honor.
Just because.

hour by hour, day by day, minute by minute, second by second the sands of time flow through us

we love to believe there is a promise of a tomorrow, but no one knows for sure if we are going to be granted it.
No I’m not obsessing about death.
I just think about things like this from time to time.
Turning 50 here in a little over a month……makes me think, I am half a century old.Β  Will I get to live another 50 years?
or 40? Or 30?

when I die I wonder if I will get to heaven.
I think I will, I honestly believe I will, but sometimes I wonder.

does anyone ever wonder this?