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shadows   Leave a comment

deep in the dark, the shadow of darkness creeps in.

definitely a foe and not a friend.

I feel it, I repel it and I want it to go away

unfortunately for me, it lingers and plans to stay

the shadows pulling me in, hugging and holding me like a passionate friend

I try and I struggle and I am determined to break free.

yet these shadows continue to consume me.


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If I said I was going   Leave a comment

if I said I was going, would you want a goodbye?

if I said I wasn’t happy, would you allow me to find my way to seek happiness?

if I begged for your forgiveness, would you have it in you to forgive me?

if I decided I wanted another life, would you allow me to live it?

If I said I was going, would  you try and understand?

it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I only feel like I must rid myself of this  rope that is  pulling me down….

Will you still love me, if I said I was going?
The not knowing is what makes me stay…….but I have to be honest, I want to run away………

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color me   Leave a comment

as the paintbrush touches the canvas, the brilliant shine blossoms though.
color me pink, color me blue

color me green or golden or brown

just color me ……

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the eyes know   Leave a comment

a thought may never be spoken

a whisper never escaped

but seeing with my eyes wide open, nothing can be denied.

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the woman in the mirror   1 comment

I look at her, she looks at me…..

she stares at me and doesn’t always like what she sees.
I am who I am, not always truthful and true to myself, and she sees this and frowns

I stare at her and wish I could be more like her, so carefree and flying with no thought of any one but herself.

but I have no idea how to be that way.
And she has no idea how to get me to see, that being true to oneself is the first step in saving oneself.

she is free, I am shackled to responsibilities that keep me grounded

she doesn’t understand it and I don’t understand her…..and we are so far apart even as we look in the mirror and see our reflection of each other.


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looking for love in all the wrong places…..   Leave a comment

here I am, where are you?

can’t you see me, why do you look right through?

all I want is to be all that you need me to be,  why do you struggle and refuse to see?

I ache to make it right, even though  I know it never will be.

I wish you could see, what I need you to see

maybe I’m looking for love in all the wrong places…..maybe I allow my happiness to exist only if you are happy too.
I have no answers and I honestly don’t know what to do……

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Nook books or lap tops?   Leave a comment

so my sister who happens to be 48 years young today has been wanting a nook book for a while now.
I gave her a gift card to help her buy one for her birthday.
the more she talks about it the more interesting I become

I love my laptop.
love that I can move around with it.
however lugging it to Florida here in a few weeks seems  like an awful lot of work considering the airline will charge me for taking it on the plane.  $35 I believe.

If I had a nook book, (and my sister says they do internet so I can check email and face book) then I wouldn’t have to worry about carting my laptop to Florida.
I could just put my nook book in my purse and go!
Seems like the smart thing to do.
Unfortunately I already have a laptop and the $35 they will charge me is a long cry from the $250 plus tax they want for a nook book.
Still I may just splurge on myself.
My birthday present to myself.
Have to think on that a bit more

Posted March 15, 2011 by Marge in ramblings