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What is the highlight of your week?
Spending time with my grandchildren as always

Whose car were you in last?
My own

when is the next time you will kiss someone?
Tonight before I go to bed I will kiss my husband

what color of shirt are you wearing?
A blue sweater

how long is your hair?

are you good looking?
Depends on who you ask

last movie you watched?
Just go with it

who were you with at the movie?
My husband and youngest son Matt

last thing you ate?

last thing you drank?
a glass of milk

when was the last time you had your heart broken?

August 2009

who came over to visit last?
Matt and his family and Brian and Mirielle

are you happy right now?
Pretty much

what was the last thing you said?
“Kayla may want to go with you too”

where is your phone?
in my purse

what color are your eyes?

are you left handed?

spell your name without the vowels

mrjrĀ plmn

do you have any pets?

favorite vacation?

any vacation is wonderful

what do you dislike currently

my cold

what are you listening to?
the TV

if you could have one thing right now, what would it be?

a hug from Keira, Kayla and Aaron

what is your favorite scent?

what makes you the happiest?
my grandchildren

where were you at midnight last night?
in my bed sleeping

when is your birthday

May 2nd

who has the same kind of phone as you?
I don’t know

last time you went swimming in a pool?

summer time last year

do you read your horoscope?

when was the last time you bought something?
today, I bought a book online

how do you feel about your hair right now?
I rarely if ever like my hair

do you bite your nails?
Once in a blue moon

do you have any expensive jewelery?

depends on what you call expensive.

My space or Facebook?

how fast have you driven a car?
95 mph

have you ever smoked?


what was your favorite subject in school?

do you have Verizon?
Sure do

what kind of man would you fall for?
Rugged, someone who is funny but can be hardworking and isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty

do you have any hidden talents?
unfortunately no

favorite song?
at this moment it would be “Anywhere with you” by Kenny Chesney

do you like to sing at all?
love to

dream job?
a successful author

where does most of your family live?

do you have siblings?

would you consider yourself spoiled?

what was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning?
Can’t wait until the weekend

do you drink?

do you know any languages?
other than English, nope

have you ever written a coded message?

have you ever been in a wedding?

do you have any children?
Two daughters and two sons

have I annoyed you yet dear reader?



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in for a busy day and it feels like nap time!   Leave a comment

today is day one of five, of our spring break here in Iowa City Iowa.

every year there is a week in March that the kids do not have to come to school, and the teachers are off as well.
Me a lowly custodian still has to be here.
oh I could have taken vacation but why?
there is a lot to do here.

This is the time of year that is the one last hooray! before we end the school year.
this is the last big break.
Sure we get Memorial Day off, but that is just one day…..

I have a list, nearly a full-page of things I need to get done in these three days that I am here.
Took Thursday off and we automatically get Friday off, so…..there is a lot to do.
unfortunately for me, I feel like I want to take a nap.
Yes I have only been up for two hours, but I am guessing it is this cold lingering on that makes me feel tired still……

so I am off and running (not really, more like crawling) to begin my day……..

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