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how well do you know me?   2 comments

I got asked a question about a sister today and I didn’t have the answer.
We have been sisters since her birth so I had to confess that I was clueless

so it got me thinking, how well does anyone know me?

let me put some questions out there…….

what is my favorite color?
what is my biggest dream?

who is my favorite actor?
who is my favorite actress?
what is my favorite movie?
how many siblings do I have?
what is my favorite flower?

and the answers are

to become a successful writer

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Winslet

Doctor Zhivago

red rose


how many did you get right?

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sunrises   Leave a comment


there is nothing quite as beautiful as sunrises and sunsets.

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as the river runs through it   Leave a comment

not sure there needs to be any words said for this picture.
It says quite a lot just by looking at it.

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right where I need to be   Leave a comment

23 days and I will be sitting on a the beach and watching the waves roll in and out.
I can hardly wait!!!

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Full moon   Leave a comment

my principal told me a couple of years ago that when there was a full moon, the kids were more rambunctious and wild acting.
I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know they are all very wild this week and I can only imagine it is do to spring break in Iowa City next week.
I am looking forward to it.
I can clean and it stays clean.
Plus the break from the kids will be wonderful!

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opening doors   Leave a comment

walking down the road of life, I once again wonder is this the direction to take?
or is this one?
and while I am constantly wondering I think to myself, am I missing out on life right now, as I am wondering  about the future?

It wasn’t too long ago I wrote about how happy I was, so what happened to that woman?
life gets me down sometimes

not sure why that seems to be happening more and more?
some might say I am depressed but I am not sure I am.
I think I am just getting closer to 50 and thinking, is this all there is?
I mean my grandchildren are my everything but if I didn’t have them, what would I have?
where would I want to be?

and while I can only imagine others feel this way I wonder if they feel like this as often as I do?

I remember once my brother-in-law said my sister wasn’t happy unless she was miserable.
I don’t think that is me.
But I do have to wonder am I dwelling too much on all of this?
Any one want to comment and let me know what you think?

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missing my grandbabies   Leave a comment

Keira got into trouble last night and so they didn’t want me to go and get her today at day care
So I don’t get to see her and Kayla until tomorrow.
haven’t seen Aaron is quite a while, must be since Tuesday.
And I miss him too.

Just can’t imagine if I had to live too long with out my grandchildren.
They mean the world to me.

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wanderlust   Leave a comment

I can picture myself here, walking along this road towards the majestic mountains.

I was a gypsy in another life I think because I have the wanderlust so deeply.
I just want to get in my car and drive.
See where the road takes me…..

the water calls to me, but so do the mountains

     I need to go back to Montana, Utah and Wyoming.
I want to venture to California and Oregon…..

 I want to venture out into the great big world and see what I can find………Africa, Switzerland, Ireland……….

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for a moment there………   Leave a comment

for a moment there, I thought it was you

and for a moment there, my prayers had come true

for a moment there, I would never be blue

because for a moment there…..I thought it was you……..

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are you going to kiss me or not?   2 comments

are you going to kiss me or not?

are we going to do this or what?

you know I like you a lot

so are you going to kiss me or not?

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