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49 or 29?   Leave a comment

I had a person (okay a man) tell me today at work that I look like I am 29 years old instead of 49

I laughed

what a joke.

now was that a come on-line?
or did he really think it?

It hardly matters because I do not look 29

no way in hell do I look 29

I wouldn’t even want to be 29 again unless I could change a few things and do them over, do them right.

I am now less than two months to turning 50 and no that doesn’t bother me a bit.
Some days I feel all of those 50 years but most of the time I feel like I could be turning 30.



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American Idol   1 comment

I’m sitting here watching American Idol.
the first time since the new season began.
I have to say it just isn’t the same without Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.
I watched it last year after Paula left and I was quite disappointed in it, but there was still Simon there and I thought okay I can do this.
now neither one of them are on it and while Jennifer Lopez is a  very pretty lady, but still I’m not sure my heart will be in it this year.

I know some of you are thinking, you are watching American Idol, REALLY?
but like Dancing with the Stars, I like watching how the contestants compete every week and then I get a favorite or two, and it is exciting to see if mine win.
Crystal Bowersox didn’t win last year on American Idol  😦   but Jennifer Gray did win on Dancing with the stars!  🙂

Still not sure if I will be a big fan of American Idol this year.
Have to wait and see…….

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a month from today!   Leave a comment

a month from today I will be in Florida!!!!
I can hardly wait!!!
just to be on the beach and here and see the waves rolling in and out.
to soak up the sun and just enjoy some down time!!!!

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the other me   Leave a comment

occasionally I find myself thinking about the other me.

the person I would like to be, if I didn’t have so many people counting on me.

if I let the other me out, I would not be married.
I would not live in West Liberty
I would not let anyone else come before my hopes and dreams.

the other me would be free to do and experience life with no limitations.

unfortunately the other me wouldn’t have much of a conscience when it came to hurting those I love.

that is the reason the other me is buried and not allowed to show her face very often.

I live for my grandchildren.
I live to make their lives happier and peaceful.
they are my world.
my gifts from God.

I love my children very much but they don’t need me like my grandchildren do.

I would be lost without my grandchildren.
so that is why the other me isn’t allowed to surface.
because if she did…..I would walk away from the life I am living now and find some adventure to fulfill me.

and keep on living as if the world was my oyster.

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