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the attraction   Leave a comment

water attracts me.
not exactly sure why.
But mountains attract me too

I’ve always lived by water.
I lived right on the Iowa River when I was a child.
I live by a creek in our little town now and have for years.

I love going to the beach and I love the mountains and their majestic beauty.

maybe the attraction is so intense because I live in a flat state.
There are no mountains or big water holes.
yes there are a few man-made lakes and of course we have rivers but they just don’t bring me the pleasure that the ocean does.

maybe it is because I associate the mountains, big lakes, water falls and oceans as a vacation place


Lord knows I always have a vacation in mind!

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where does the time go?   Leave a comment

I can’t believe I actually had three days away from work!
Where does the time go?
how is it possible that the three days are over with already?
So sad.

Also my sister’s son is 15 today!
how is that possible?
It is just amazing when I think about it.
It seems like he should only be 10 or so…..

My son will be 30 on Friday!
I can easily remember when I turned thirty.
I even remember someone saying “Welcome to your thirties!”
it seems almost like yesterday.

I know they say the older you are the faster the time goes, and it is so true.
It needs to slow down some though because I have a lot of life I want to live yet!!!!

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6 weeks   Leave a comment

six weeks from today this will be my view when we reach Florida.
I have to say I can’t wait.
I know I keep talking about it and almost bragging about it, but I am so looking forward to the vacation I can’t even describe it.
The worst thing will be not seeing my grandchildren for a week.

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FREE!!!!!   Leave a comment

the sun is shining, and it will be a beautiful day!!!!
I have to work today and then I am off until Tuesday!
What a great feeling that is!!!

Usually I have to come in and do the building check to make sure the school is locked and secure, but I got someone else to do that for me this weekend just so I can enjoy some time away from here.

I haven’t had a day away from here in weeks.
So I am really looking forward to it!!!!

Yes I have to say it is a sun filled day!!!!


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Heading for the weekend   Leave a comment

Finally it is Thursday, the only day better than Thursday’s is Friday’s.
I so love the weekends!

bought paint last night to paint my bedroom and anyone who knows me, knows exactly what color my bedroom will be.

plan to start painting tonight and hopefully get it done by the time I have to be back to work next Tuesday after the long weekend.
I don’t have to work Monday so that is a great big plus right there, for me to be more excited about the weekend.
Also I asked one of the guys from the plant to do the building check for me so I really won’t be back in here after three pm tomorrow until Tuesday morning at six.
UNLESS it snows.
Which my husband said they are talking about a wintry mix on Sunday.
So if that happens then I will have to come in and clear sidewalks and steps.
I am ready for winter to be over with, as I know everyone else is.

On the upside, it is almost 50 degrees outside right now.
Quite balmy and warm.
I love it.
Suppose to hit sixty today.
Let’s get rid of this snow!

Happy Thursday!

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winter into spring….   Leave a comment

I love the warmer temps, I love that the snow is melting…I love the promise of spring being right around the corner (in about 4 weeks)

but this above picture describes my mood.
Everywhere around me is bleak and drab and muddy and just gloomy.

but this flower represents the promise of what is to come.
spring and leaves budding and flowers blooming and the grass turning lush and green again.

again today there is no sun.

and it depresses me.
I do so love the warmer temps…..but I feel like I am wilting without the sun.

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My brother   Leave a comment

My one and only brother is turning 57 today.
He lives in Canada with his wife and her two children.
I haven’t seen him in well over a year but I can only assume he is doing well.

he has always lived far away from the majority of the family.
He lived in Florida for at least 25 years if not longer, probably more like 27 or so when he was married to his first wife.
his children live there as well or did the last time I had heard.

He is a nice guy, totally a gentleman and very conscious of not swearing or being vulgar in any way.

I’m not close to him at all, but I love him and do hope that he gets the chance to enjoy his birthday and do something fun.

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serenity   Leave a comment

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference

I have been reading old blogs.
From the other site that I can no longer get on.
I find that things I felt and said way back in 2007 I am still writing about and complaining about today.
Especially my job and my being overweight.
I need to get motivated.
but motivation seems to elude me.
I know I am a blessed woman in many ways, but the part of me, that just belongs to me, is stagnant and not thriving.

so Lord please give me the strength and wisdom to find these answers that I spend years, searching for but seem unable to find.

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I love……….   Leave a comment

I love little baby pups

I love sunrises and sunsets

I love the look of a hard snow that leaves all the trees covered in its beauty

I love my grandchildren with every ounce of who I am.

I love walking in the rain

I love the warmth of a wonderful hug

I love, soft little hands holding mine, as my grandchildren show me something new they have discovered.

I love it when Aaron falls asleep on my chest

I love watching the ocean waves roll in and out

I love the leaves of fall

I love my children and husband

I love when I can write so easily it is like my hand has a mind of its own…..

I love my grandchildren’s smiles

I love the mountains

I love the idea that one day the entire world can be at peace and there is no more war

I love  the way Keira and Kayla scream “NANA!” and come running to me for a tight hug, when they first see me

I love my siblings

I love a good book

I love a good movie

I love snuggling in a warm blanket and dosing in the mornings before I have to get up.

I love the sun

I love how ice clings to the trees and gives everything a frosty glow

I love taking vacations…….

I love life

and last but certainly not least I love God for all the blessings He has given me and my family

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Valentine’s Day   Leave a comment

it’s here, that silly little day people spend money on to show the one they love that they love them.

it is silly because I am a firm believer you shouldn’t need a day on the calendar to tell the one you love that you love them.

Maybe if I was in a relationship where my partner was incredibly romantic and showed me often, this holiday might mean more to me.
But I have been with this man on and off for almost 35 years and there is no romance in him.

Still I hope for those who think this holiday is just the ultimate thing…..that they get everything they want and think they deserve on this day.

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