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I know this sounds strange, I know it, but it is there none the less.
A few weeks ago I was here at work cleaning and this thought popped into my head.
I needed to make a home for myself so I could exist under water.
this vessel would be able to stay at the bottom of the ocean, but would move with the tides.

of course I would have all the air and food I needed and a comfortable place to sleep and exist.
This vessel wouldn’t be huge, but it would be big enough that I could live and not have any fear of any predator (Sharks) hurting me

I don’t know why this popped into my head.
it is strange I know.

this bottle in this picture reminded me of my idea.
this bottle would float and be torn across the waves because it is so light and airless.

my vessel would be on the ocean bottom, creeping along and letting the ocean current take me where ever it wanted.

the idea is awesome to me.
imagine the things I could learn about life under the water?

so someone invent this contraption for me and I will give the ocean a year of my life to learn all I can about it.

Posted February 24, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

One response to “the weird things that go through my head

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  1. I often have this thought and even have a story about a man who has such an underwater kingdom though I haven’t written on it for awhile. There is a hotel, if it is still there, that is underwater down in the Keys that I’ve always wanted to go visit. You have to scuba dive to get to it but every room has a view of the great big lagoon it sits in – it would be so awesome. The lagoon, which of course is connected to the ocean, has all kinds of marine life including sharks and stingrays. I’d love it but it is very expensive.

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