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If I should leave this world any time soon, I want those that I love, to know I love them.
without writing them each a letter, I feel I have no way to let them know how I feel about them, should I leave this world unexpectedly.
No I am not planning on dying.
But we are all owed a death and I know that I am not above that exception.

I have a letter written.
It is locked away and no one has seen it.
The odd thing is, no one will because only I know the password to retrieve it.

So let me say here, If I die today, I love my children and husband very much.
I adore and love so much, and would give my life for any one of my grandchildren.
I love my siblings dearly and the very few friends I have, already know that I love them.

I cherish life.
I sometimes am bored with it, but that is my own fault and the limitations I put on myself.

When I die, I hope God will have his arms wide open and welcome me into Heaven where I know my mother and all those who have died before me, are.

maybe to some of you this is a morbid subject.

But to me it isn’t.
I am not afraid to die.
My only regret would be is to not be able to see my grandchildren grow up and marry and have children of their own.

I use to think I would live to be 100

And maybe I will.
Who knows?
only God has that answer.

still it is something to think about…….


Posted February 23, 2011 by Marge in family, God, my loves, ramblings

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