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the attraction   Leave a comment

water attracts me.
not exactly sure why.
But mountains attract me too

I’ve always lived by water.
I lived right on the Iowa River when I was a child.
I live by a creek in our little town now and have for years.

I love going to the beach and I love the mountains and their majestic beauty.

maybe the attraction is so intense because I live in a flat state.
There are no mountains or big water holes.
yes there are a few man-made lakes and of course we have rivers but they just don’t bring me the pleasure that the ocean does.

maybe it is because I associate the mountains, big lakes, water falls and oceans as a vacation place


Lord knows I always have a vacation in mind!

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where does the time go?   Leave a comment

I can’t believe I actually had three days away from work!
Where does the time go?
how is it possible that the three days are over with already?
So sad.

Also my sister’s son is 15 today!
how is that possible?
It is just amazing when I think about it.
It seems like he should only be 10 or so…..

My son will be 30 on Friday!
I can easily remember when I turned thirty.
I even remember someone saying “Welcome to your thirties!”
it seems almost like yesterday.

I know they say the older you are the faster the time goes, and it is so true.
It needs to slow down some though because I have a lot of life I want to live yet!!!!

Posted February 22, 2011 by Marge in ramblings