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Heading for the weekend   Leave a comment

Finally it is Thursday, the only day better than Thursday’s is Friday’s.
I so love the weekends!

bought paint last night to paint my bedroom and anyone who knows me, knows exactly what color my bedroom will be.

plan to start painting tonight and hopefully get it done by the time I have to be back to work next Tuesday after the long weekend.
I don’t have to work Monday so that is a great big plus right there, for me to be more excited about the weekend.
Also I asked one of the guys from the plant to do the building check for me so I really won’t be back in here after three pm tomorrow until Tuesday morning at six.
UNLESS it snows.
Which my husband said they are talking about a wintry mix on Sunday.
So if that happens then I will have to come in and clear sidewalks and steps.
I am ready for winter to be over with, as I know everyone else is.

On the upside, it is almost 50 degrees outside right now.
Quite balmy and warm.
I love it.
Suppose to hit sixty today.
Let’s get rid of this snow!

Happy Thursday!


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