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winter into spring….   Leave a comment

I love the warmer temps, I love that the snow is melting…I love the promise of spring being right around the corner (in about 4 weeks)

but this above picture describes my mood.
Everywhere around me is bleak and drab and muddy and just gloomy.

but this flower represents the promise of what is to come.
spring and leaves budding and flowers blooming and the grass turning lush and green again.

again today there is no sun.

and it depresses me.
I do so love the warmer temps…..but I feel like I am wilting without the sun.


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My brother   Leave a comment

My one and only brother is turning 57 today.
He lives in Canada with his wife and her two children.
I haven’t seen him in well over a year but I can only assume he is doing well.

he has always lived far away from the majority of the family.
He lived in Florida for at least 25 years if not longer, probably more like 27 or so when he was married to his first wife.
his children live there as well or did the last time I had heard.

He is a nice guy, totally a gentleman and very conscious of not swearing or being vulgar in any way.

I’m not close to him at all, but I love him and do hope that he gets the chance to enjoy his birthday and do something fun.

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