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I love little baby pups

I love sunrises and sunsets

I love the look of a hard snow that leaves all the trees covered in its beauty

I love my grandchildren with every ounce of who I am.

I love walking in the rain

I love the warmth of a wonderful hug

I love, soft little hands holding mine, as my grandchildren show me something new they have discovered.

I love it when Aaron falls asleep on my chest

I love watching the ocean waves roll in and out

I love the leaves of fall

I love my children and husband

I love when I can write so easily it is like my hand has a mind of its own…..

I love my grandchildren’s smiles

I love the mountains

I love the idea that one day the entire world can be at peace and there is no more war

I love  the way Keira and Kayla scream “NANA!” and come running to me for a tight hug, when they first see me

I love my siblings

I love a good book

I love a good movie

I love snuggling in a warm blanket and dosing in the mornings before I have to get up.

I love the sun

I love how ice clings to the trees and gives everything a frosty glow

I love taking vacations…….

I love life

and last but certainly not least I love God for all the blessings He has given me and my family


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Valentine’s Day   Leave a comment

it’s here, that silly little day people spend money on to show the one they love that they love them.

it is silly because I am a firm believer you shouldn’t need a day on the calendar to tell the one you love that you love them.

Maybe if I was in a relationship where my partner was incredibly romantic and showed me often, this holiday might mean more to me.
But I have been with this man on and off for almost 35 years and there is no romance in him.

Still I hope for those who think this holiday is just the ultimate thing…..that they get everything they want and think they deserve on this day.

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