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It touches me   Leave a comment

I love this, I can’t even begin to explain why except to say, it just brings a promise of what is to come.
It simply touches me.


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I’m walking on Sunshine!!!!   1 comment

it is a glorious day!
The weather is getting warmer, it is Friday!
and I have booked my airfare and hotel to go to Daytona Beach in April!!!
I can’t wait!
only seven weeks from this Sunday!
yes the count down has begun!!!

Just to know there is a vacation on the horizon makes me want to shout from the roof tops!!!!
It definitely is a sunshiny day!!!!


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it’s here!   Leave a comment

finally the warmer temperatures are here!
Suppose to get to 25 today.

and above freezing tomorrow and they are saying into the 40’s next week!!!!
Love Love Love the idea of that!!!!


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Damn   1 comment

you know that saying “The best laid plans…..”

that is the story of my life.
I had planned to join the gym with my sister on Monday and was looking forward to it but I sprained my knee, but slipping on some ice and now I am not suppose to do anything out of the ordinary until this heals.
The doctor said 12 weeks.


That puts us into May!

it is quite depressing when I can’t even walk, without hurting myself.
this getting old if for the freaking  birds!

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