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Baby, it’s cold outside   Leave a comment

I think it is time to hibernate until spring.
man is it cold out side.


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the kiss of death   Leave a comment

so my back doctor told me plain and simply that I need to lose weight.
he even suggested I join a gym and hire a personal trainer to get myself in better shape and get this weight off.

So I am going to join a gym this coming Monday with my sister (she already is a member of this gym) and we are going to go and work out Monday through Friday every week.

the other night I had a dream that my husband left me for another woman.
I may have mentioned that in a previous blog.
however twice last night he said to our children when they were all over for dinner ” So your mother dreams I am having an affair, but she is going to join a gym to get skinny”
The first time he said it I looked at him and said “I am joining a gym because that is what my doctor suggests I do”
He smiles and says “I know honey, I was teasing”
the second time he said it, it wasn’t funny, teasing or not.

he has always had a problem with me doing something that might make me thinner, and while I realize it is an insecurity in him, that he worries, getting thinner for me, is all about being healthier, and if it helps the arthritis in my back to be thinner, than that is what I need to do.
I’m not doing it to catch the eye of any man on this planet.
I am doing it for myself.

this morning as I was getting ready for work I put on perfume like I always do and he said to me “Who do you wear perfume for?”
I replied “Myself”

and then before I left he said “Is that all you are going to wear for a coat?”
(I have worn this same jacket for months now!)
I said “Yep”
Suddenly I feel like he is attacking every decision I make.


jealousy is the kiss of death to me.
I hate jealousy in people.
It makes them be ugly and hateful.

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Movie night   1 comment

so my husband and I are going to go to the movies tonight.
Or should I say later this afternoon.
Not sure which one we will see yet as he usually leaves it up to me.

My choices are
Black Swan

The King’s Speech

Blue Valentine

No Strings Attached


they all look good and No Strings Attached has been out the longest so…maybe we should see that one, and it is a comedy, the others are drams

The King’s Speech I heard was really good and Black Swan was too but different.
Blue Valentine is about spousal abuse and Sanctum is James Cameron’s tale of people exploring and possibly dying in a deep cave

all hold their appeal for me, but I guess I will wait and see what kind of mood I am in, later today.

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arctic freeze   Leave a comment

we are in the arctic freeze still, even though the weather man said on Tuesday that yesterday would be the last of it.
but nope, we still are -11 when I came in at five thirty.

it is freezing out there.

Temps are supposed to warm up and be near forty by Sunday.
or so they say…..

considering yesterday was supposed to be the last freezing cold day, and they got that wrong, I will believe a warm up is coming, when I see it.

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