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The path of life……….   Leave a comment

unto each one of us, we are given a life to live as we see fit.
to each of us we can find the path that takes us to the destination that brings us the most joy and happiness.
some may falter and some may reach completely past their potential

others lives will be cut short and they won’t ever be given the chance to become their true selves

I wonder how many people are living life, or letting life lead them ……..

In the movie “Shawshank Redemption” there is a quote that goes “You need to get busy living, or get busy dying”

and while we all know each day brings us closer to death………I wonder how many people are feeling like they are at their full potential?

 what holds us back, what makes one person go full blast, with great gusto and conquers all their fears?
and another one sits back and watches life pass them by?
I know it is a confidence, but how does one get it and another one doesn’t?

life is full of surprises, disappointments and pain and strife.

Are you content with the path your life is taken you to?


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I miss her   Leave a comment

 not that she cares

 but I miss my eldest child

 it has been almost 18 months since I have talked to her

Almost 20 months since I have seen her.
I’m told she is doing well and is quite thin and living a life she is happy with.
She just bought a house and seems content in her world.

I am happy for her, but I  will always ache for my eldest child, who still refuses to see me or speak to me

I have no idea what I did or didn’t do, to have her be this way.
And I probably will never know.
But I do miss her………

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Sun   Leave a comment

I need the sun
like the air I breathe I need the sun to keep me upbeat and happy.

I need the warmth to refresh my pale skin
I need the sun to make the trees bloom and the grass to grow and of course to make my flowers sparkle

I crave the sun for the nutrients I feel it soaks into my body.

I miss the sun
I am anxious for summer………

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Ahh……love   Leave a comment

we go together, like peas and carrots, sunshine and warmth, spring and rain, the moon and stars………..

love, is what you make it.
love is what we all need

love is an emotion that most of us can’t live without.
Most people live their lives for those they love.

as Valentine’s day approaches, anyone who knows me, knows I think it is a wasted holiday.
like Halloween.

it is pointless.
If you can’t tell someone how much they mean to you, except for the day the calendar says to, there is something wrong with you.

I don’t need a calendar to express my love.
I don’t need a fancy card that declares love to me.
I don’t need roses or a gift to know I am loved.
And I certainly don’t need to have the calendar tell me, on this day, you should express your love.

I think it is silly.
like Halloween, which is pointless……..

the hallmark companies and candy companies are just out to get your money.

I will pass………

Love needs to be shown and expressed every day.
Not just because the calendar says to.

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Arthritis   Leave a comment

so the key to conquering Arthritis, is to exercise and lose weight.
According to my doctor.
He actually told me  I should join a gym and hire a personal trainer to assist me in losing weight.
I wanted to ask him if he plans on paying for all of that, but didn’t because I knew his answer.

I am not against joining a gym.
In fact I asked my sister how much it cost to join hers (Although it will be more for me since I don’t live in her town)
And then maybe we could go together.
I know I would benefit more if I had someone there next to me, pushing me along.
Some one to answer to, so to speak……..

I need to lose weight, I do know this.
And if I can do it, I will be very pleased.
I also would like to be healthier so I know once I lose weight, I will be on my way.
And no dear readers, I know that just losing weight won’t make me healthier, but I have already cut out all sugar in my diet and salt.
So I am on my way…….

True I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and I am working on that as well.

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