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as usual I have had  weird dreams.
I say as usual because I often have some really far-fetched out of the realm of possibility dreams

I use to dream of a castle.
the same dream over and over and the same castle every time.
that was quite unique and I liked that dream

I have dreamt of people I love dying and needless to say that is a nightmare.
I have dreamt of flying (me literally without an aide of an airplane), I’ve dreamt of going down in an airplane  crash, I have dreamt of being in Africa and London……

I have dreamt I was a child again and I have dreamt that I am rich.

I have dreamt of luxury and of being homeless.

most of my dreams don’t really bother me much, but some are quite frightful.

I have also dreamed several times that my mother and grandmother are still alive.
My grandmother (the only one I have ever had) died in 1990 and my mother died in 1992

still I do love those dreams where they are alive and well in them.

 Last night I dreamt my husband left me for another woman.
odd I know.
the chances of him doing that are probably quite slim.
he just isn’t that kind of man.

but in the dream, which felt very real, he was leaving me for another woman who was kinder, sweeter and nicer than I am.

I woke up thinking, ”hmmm…….what would I do?  how would I feel, if that were true?”

it would be a shock and then quite an adjustment.

So it left me pondering… this my conscience telling me to be more grateful for what I have, be sweeter, nicer and more pleasant to be around?

They say you don’t know what you miss until it is gone………

so maybe I need to sit up and pay attention!


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