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should I do it?   2 comments

should I do it?
should I splurge on a new TV for my bedroom?
it isn’t a necessity of life.
it is a luxury and I am not in my room all that much.
but on occasion I think it would be nice to watch TV while I am winding down for the night……

so should I do it?
I’m looking at a 24″  LED-LEC  to mount on the wall.
I don’t know……just seems like a whim thing.
guess I will give it a day or two and think about it……

it would be nice but…….

do I need it?


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or maybe…..   Leave a comment

or maybe I will just stay home and do projects around the house those two weeks………

Lord knows that would save a bundle of money if I did.

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Maybe Utah?   Leave a comment



maybe Utah.
Maybe I will head to Texas and end up going back through Nevada, and Utah, and head home from there?????

Just too many decisions!!!!

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backache   Leave a comment

I have been suffering with a worse backache since I shoveled three piles of five foot snow drifts last Thursday.
I am in pain.
It feels like it did when I had a slipped disk, but the MRI doesn’t show I have one…….not sure it is possible to get one after shoveling so much but…..I do feel like someone is stabbing me in the back……constantly.
This getting old crap!

I do go back to the back doctor tomorrow so we can discuss what to do for all the arthritis in my back.

I know he will say to lose weight, but that is kind of hard to do (exercising) when the back hurts the way it does.


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The choice………   Leave a comment

so I have been approved for taking vacation the first week in April and the first ten days in May.
The delimina, is where to go?
Part of me (A huge part) wants to go to the beach.
But is that because it is winter here and I am so tired of the cold?
or because I really crave the ocean waves, the seagulls and the warmth?

the other part of me wants to head west.
Well actually, south to Texas, than over to New Mexico, and into Arizona and see the Grand Canyon.

What to do?
Which choice should I make?

And while I know it isn’t something I MUST decide today, I am torn between the two………..

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