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The walk   Leave a comment

when I was a child, we lived in an old gray house that my grandmother owned.
I loved that house.
Yes it was rickety and not in the best condition but it was  home.
A safe haven to a little girl who needed that foundation to make her feel secure.

a mile from our home, through a long and winding old dirt road, was our grandmother’s house
sort of like this picture above.
I loved walking that mile to get to grandma’s house.
my sister Kathy and I even had to walk it one winter to talk to grandma and her husband Clarence, because we didn’t have a phone at the time.

We were poor growing up.
and things were tough and we always had hand me down clothes.
Rarely did we get anything new, except toys at Christmas.

this picture reminds me of my youth.

the innocence and the wonder of a child’s mind, filled with pretend and wonder  of the carefree days.

life was simple, and good.

and I loved my childhood very much.

it is great to think back, and see a picture like this that takes me back to those long ago days……….

sometimes I would love to go back to then, and experience that innocence again………for just a day……..

my mother would be alive, my grandmother would be alive…..and for one day, timeliness would be a gift………..


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May 1st   Leave a comment

I’ve decided since I am craving the sun and the sand and beach that I am going to Florida for my 50th birthday and not the Grand Canyon.
Maybe we will venture to Arizona in September when I take vacation then.

I just need the sun and warmth.
can’t wait….

only have  12 weeks and three days until I get to head there…………..

I can do this.

I can handle winter now, with the anticipation of my vacation off on the distant horizon……..

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God was with him   Leave a comment

Did you hear about the man who fell 1,000 feet off a mountain side and survived?
I tried to download it here, but unfortunately it won’t let me do it.

He is 35  year old Adam Potter and he survived the fall off of a Scottish mountain  and was standing on his feet looking at a map when a rescue helicopter came to him

they expected him to be dead, or at least with a lot of broken bones.
All I can say is, God was with him, that day.

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