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the power of positive thinking   Leave a comment

a friend of mine is in a funk.
She keeps saying to me “isn’t there more to life than this constant struggle?”

of course there is but sometimes a person can’t see the forest for the trees that are standing in the way.

I get into those funky moods when it all seems pointless.
I hate those moods.
I was in one this last weekend.

but I try and look around me.
be grateful for my health and the health of my family and their families.

it doesn’t always work, looking at the cup half full, but when it doesn’t I go for a walk, or listen to music or just do a bit of day dreaming.

I feel badly for my friend……because she is like me and wants the quick fix.
Something to pull her out of the crankiness that makes up our lives…..

the power of positive thinking………

does it work?
yes and no.
depends on the mood.

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the fight   Leave a comment

I was talking to my sister earlier today via email telling her I think everyone has the winter blahs now.

I look at this picture of the butterfly’s and I can see that as me.
fighting against the storm, wanting that sunshine and clear blue sky

cresting higher and higher into the storm to be free of it once and for all.

I love the rain, I love walking in it and I love the sound of it on the car, or house.
I love the way it makes everything grow.

but I am fighting the winter fight.

wishing for warmer temps and abundant sunshine.
And while I know it will be here in four months or less……….

that still makes me feel like this butterfly……….defying the storm and moving to beautiful wonder, further down the road……..

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as long as I’m dreaming…….   Leave a comment

It’s a good thing dreaming is free.
Because all I can think about is being some place warmer.
The beach is calling to me.
Warm sand and sun and the ocean waves rolling in and out, teasing me with its rhythmic motion.

I long to be sitting on a beach right now.

Watching the pelicans and seagulls and just existing in that moment……..

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I want to go for a ride!   Leave a comment

wouldn’t this be cool, to be this smaller dolphin riding on the back of what I can only assume is his mother?
Not that I want to be a dolphin!
just think it would be cool to hold on to one and experience the glide of life under water for a few seconds.

of course that clear water is mighty inviting too.

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You don’t know me   1 comment

you give your hand to me, and then you say hello, and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so……..and anyone can tell, you think you know me well….but you don’t know me

no you don’t know the one, who dreams of you at night, and longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight……to you I’m just a friend that’s all I have ever been…….no you don’t know me.

for I never knew the art of making love, till my heart ached with love for you.
Afraid and shy I let my chance go by, the chance that you might love me too.

you give your hand to me, and then you say hello and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so….and anyone can tell, you think you know me well…….but you don’t know me………..


this song just popped into my head this morning and won’t leave.
So it seemed appropriate to write it down.
Elvis sang it many many years ago.
Quite a pretty song….

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surely not   Leave a comment

I got two shots in my back today.

one where the pinched nerve is and one where the most offensive nerve is.

I actually got to see my spine on the tv he had and he showed me the nerve that was causing the most problem.
that was where I got the second shot.
Let me tell you it was painful.

I kept telling myself I gave birth to four children, I could handle this.
And I did….but it hurt.

The doctor told me I could say any four letter word I wanted.
he said some people scream, cry and cuss.
I didn’t do anything other than say “Wow that hurts” a couple of times.
he said I took it like a pro.

Still I am in a lot of pain but hopefully it will leave me.
He did say that if in a week I am not any better that we can do the shots again.
sure we can.
He isn’t paying for the dang things
Surely if I had to get the two again, they would be free the next time since they didn’t work the first time?
Ha ha.

they were $1,500 a pop at Mercy Hospital.
And Dr Derry is a professional back specialist….so I can only imagine they will be Β more than that today.
But I bet it is safe to say that the total bill was at least $3,000 today if not more.
thank God for insurance.

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wouldn’t it be cool………   1 comment

wouldn’t it be cool to be standing here taking this picture?

wouldn’t it be cool to have a cabin sitting here ?

wouldn’t it be cool to be on a boat sitting here?

or standing on a beach looking at this?

Yes basically I would be thrilled to be traveling anywhere right now as the snow softly falls peacefully in Iowa.

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undo it   Leave a comment

yesterday I was in a bad mood.
not sure why.
it could have been the lack of sleep, or the fact that it was Sunday and the weekend was almost over with OR it could have been the weather….

regardless I couldn’t help but think “I want to go back and rewind and undo some of the things I once did in my younger life!”

I wonder how many people feel that way?

I know that if you are constantly looking back at what once was…you are going to be missing the present and future…..but dang I feel like I have made a mess of things… certain areas of my life.

spending money is one.
I know at the time I was probably depressed or just needed a boost, but looking back I think…….how stupid could you be?

I know too that making mistakes from the past and learning from them will make the future easier…..right?
sometimes yes and sometimes no….

I just wish I could turn the clock back and un do some of the stupid mistakes I made…………..

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south of here   Leave a comment






in paradise

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those three little words………   Leave a comment

I know it isn’t valentine’s day yet…..but this struck me as so cute, I wanted to post it.

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