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The Beauty of Nature   Leave a comment

God’s beauty is all around us.
I know I have touched on this before.

one just has to look out there and see  so much wonderful beauty in the world.

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Perfection   Leave a comment

does this need words?
The beauty of this rose, is outstanding to me.

so simple yet so complex

so incredibly fragile yet blossoming with exquisite serenity.

I love roses.

they are perfect

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a day late and a dollar short   Leave a comment

alright, I’m not a day late, I am actually thirty days late.
What am I talking about?
That New Years Resolution I made way back in December.

the losing weight resolution.

Here we are sitting on the last day of January and I just now am getting my act together and deciding I need to get healthier and lose some weight.

(No it didn’t take me a month to decide this, more of a month to get my act together)

I have cut out sugar and all pop, since January 1st and I have lost ten pounds.
it was 12 but I have some how gained back two pounds.

I am determined though to be at least 20 if not more pounds lighter by May 1st .

I say twenty because I don’t want to be unrealistic.
Naturally I would like to lose all fifty I need to lose, by May 1st

What a great 50th birthday present that would be to me!!!
But I doubt that will happen.

I give myself a  year to lose all fifty pounds.
Hopefully it won’t take that long but I feel like when I say  I will lose twenty pounds in four months is more realistic to do than saying I will lose fifty pounds in four months.
Does that make sense?

I want to be healthier too, not just thinner.
I want to be able to move like I am a young woman and not like I am this arthritic almost fifty year old that I have become.

I know I can do it, and I WILL!!!!!

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let it snow   Leave a comment

oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful and since there is no place to go….let it snow….let it snow….let it snow

Yes old man winter is not done with us yet.
According to the weather channel and channel 9 we are supposed to get an inch of snow today, 1-3 inches tonight, and it is supposed to snow all day tomorrow and into Wednesday morning.
Snow accumulation tomorrow into Wednesday is supposed to be 8-10 inches.

Good grief!

So if they are right and we get all that snow they say…we will be digging out from 9-16 inches of snow!!!

honestly I just say let it snow.
it is going to snow weather we want it to or not (I say NOT) but what the hey… isn’t even February yet.
We were bound to get more of the snow falling.
I am glad it isn’t April and snowing.
Which has happened a time or two.

I remember my mother telling me the year I was born, 1961   it snowed in May.

So alas…..let it snow………

Yes I would prefer warmer temps and trees budding………but realistically it is what it is.
Winter in Iowa.
So SNOW!!!!!!

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