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Finally I am home alone with my time to myself.
yes I had a wonderful weekend with siblings and grandchildren.

it is just past three thirty and I have to say I savor this time alone with no one making any demands on my time.
it is a good feeling.

I heard the weather is supposed to turn bad.
Bad as in snow again.
I wish it was April and full sun and the trees budding.

yes I am wishing my life away.
But I long for warmer temps.
And I know I am not the only one feeling that way.

The sun was supposed to shine today according to the weather yesterday but there is no sun shining today.

puts me in a bland mood.

I do have to say I watched an older movie with Kevin Kline this morning titled “Life as a House”  it was quite good and I recommend it.
I can’t say for sure when it was made but I think near the end of the nineties or early 2000

I actually feel like I could take a nap, but that just prompts me to get up and try exercising, if my old back will allow it.

Happy Sunday.


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