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a full weekend   1 comment

yes the weekend is almost here……forty nine minutes to go before my weekend starts.
It will be a busy weekend.
too busy actually but it seems I can’t get away from those unless I leave the state.

tomorrow I am having three of my sisters and a niece come over for lunch and for a few hours of visiting.
this was one of my new years resolutions, to spend more time with my siblings.
My sister had Christmas so I am having this gathering tomorrow for the month of January, and hopefully my other sisters and niece will follow suit and take their turn to host a gathering.

we need to spend more time together because frankly who knows what tomorrow will bring?
life is short and we are all taking advantage of the fact that we are promised a tomorrow.
but what if tomorrow doesn’t come?
We will regret not spending more time with those we love.

And I have my grandson tonight and my two other grand daughters tomorrow night and I have to come into work and do the regular weekend check to make sure the school is safe and secure.

so much to do and not enough time to enjoy…….

don’t get me wrong, I want to have people over tomorrow and I want to have my grandchildren even if they do monopolize the majority of the weekend….

but I do miss the down time, the quiet time….the alone time…….

and as sad as it is, Monday morning at six am will be here before I barely blink.
Or at least that is how it will feel to me.

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the beauty within   Leave a comment

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25 years ago today   Leave a comment

I remember the day clearly.
I was laying on the couch with my then two-week old son nestled against my chest
We were napping and I had the TV on but wasn’t really paying much attention to it.

When I woke up there it was, the space shuttle Challenger had exploded after take off.
it was devastating to watch and the entire country had its heart  torn in two with this tragedy.

now twenty-five years later we have experienced another shuttle tragedy and the Oklahoma City bombing…..911 and hundreds of war casualties.
I am not belittling any of these things……but the space shuttle of 25 years ago, almost seemed like a bad omen, when looking back now…….

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Tranquil   Leave a comment

such a tranquil setting.
I wish I was sitting here watching the water flow and taking in the beauty of mother nature.

I miss my quiet time and don’t ever feel like I have it anymore.

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