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I got two shots in my back today.

one where the pinched nerve is and one where the most offensive nerve is.

I actually got to see my spine on the tv he had and he showed me the nerve that was causing the most problem.
that was where I got the second shot.
Let me tell you it was painful.

I kept telling myself I gave birth to four children, I could handle this.
And I did….but it hurt.

The doctor told me I could say any four letter word I wanted.
he said some people scream, cry and cuss.
I didn’t do anything other than say “Wow that hurts” a couple of times.
he said I took it like a pro.

Still I am in a lot of pain but hopefully it will leave me.
He did say that if in a week I am not any better that we can do the shots again.
sure we can.
He isn’t paying for the dang things
Surely if I had to get the two again, they would be free the next time since they didn’t work the first time?
Ha ha.

they were $1,500 a pop at Mercy Hospital.
And Dr Derry is a professional back specialist….so I can only imagine they will be  more than that today.
But I bet it is safe to say that the total bill was at least $3,000 today if not more.
thank God for insurance.

Posted January 24, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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