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I got two shots in my back today.

one where the pinched nerve is and one where the most offensive nerve is.

I actually got to see my spine on the tv he had and he showed me the nerve that was causing the most problem.
that was where I got the second shot.
Let me tell you it was painful.

I kept telling myself I gave birth to four children, I could handle this.
And I did….but it hurt.

The doctor told me I could say any four letter word I wanted.
he said some people scream, cry and cuss.
I didn’t do anything other than say “Wow that hurts” a couple of times.
he said I took it like a pro.

Still I am in a lot of pain but hopefully it will leave me.
He did say that if in a week I am not any better that we can do the shots again.
sure we can.
He isn’t paying for the dang things
Surely if I had to get the two again, they would be free the next time since they didn’t work the first time?
Ha ha.

they were $1,500 a pop at Mercy Hospital.
And Dr Derry is a professional back specialist….so I can only imagine they will be  more than that today.
But I bet it is safe to say that the total bill was at least $3,000 today if not more.
thank God for insurance.


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wouldn’t it be cool………   1 comment

wouldn’t it be cool to be standing here taking this picture?

wouldn’t it be cool to have a cabin sitting here ?

wouldn’t it be cool to be on a boat sitting here?

or standing on a beach looking at this?

Yes basically I would be thrilled to be traveling anywhere right now as the snow softly falls peacefully in Iowa.

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yesterday I was in a bad mood.
not sure why.
it could have been the lack of sleep, or the fact that it was Sunday and the weekend was almost over with OR it could have been the weather….

regardless I couldn’t help but think “I want to go back and rewind and undo some of the things I once did in my younger life!”

I wonder how many people feel that way?

I know that if you are constantly looking back at what once was…you are going to be missing the present and future…..but dang I feel like I have made a mess of things… certain areas of my life.

spending money is one.
I know at the time I was probably depressed or just needed a boost, but looking back I think…….how stupid could you be?

I know too that making mistakes from the past and learning from them will make the future easier…..right?
sometimes yes and sometimes no….

I just wish I could turn the clock back and un do some of the stupid mistakes I made…………..

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in paradise

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I know it isn’t valentine’s day yet…..but this struck me as so cute, I wanted to post it.

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it moves me   1 comment

something about this autumn rain picture moves me.
it is so peaceful and quiet looking.
a recluse, a getaway from the craziness of the world.

I see myself there, with a warm jacket, and a good book maybe…..or even a friend sitting there with me, talking about the issues of life………

I can close my eyes and put myself there……….and it is remarkably beautiful and peaceful.

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let me put you in a song……..   Leave a comment

the heart wants what the heart wants.
How many times have I heard that?
It is amazing to be in love and to feel nothing but warm fuzzies for that special person.
it is quite fantastic to have those tiny little arms wrapped around me and a “I love you Nana” said only to me.
It is delightful to be hugged and held and to just know that I am special to someone.

yes the heart wants what the heart wants………..

and I am lucky in love.

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my two younger sisters and I got together last Saturday to visit.
It was amazingly fun and the time flew!
We met at Applebee’s in Ottumwa because it was about halfway from my sister’s home in Missouri and ours here in Iowa.
We were there for five hours!
and the time flew!
I have no idea how it went so quickly, but it was great fun just to laugh and talk about things and just to be relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.


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 as winter hangs on……….

my mood is dark and dreary………..

I long for sunshine, green grass, warm temperatures and flowers blooming.

and while I know we have less than three months left of winter (in my dreams anyway)

I am so looking forward to the promise of spring……..

where the beauty of green and blossoming flowers bloom……..

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several years ago, probably 15 now, when I was a nurses aide at a nursing home, there was a woman there who I took care of.
I would walk into her room and say “Hi Gladys’, how are you today?” and she would respond, “Oh you know Arthur is visiting today”
the first time she said that I laughed and said “Arthur?”
To her Arthur meant Arthritis……and she was so used to being in pain with the arthritis she decided to make Arthur her companion.

So I have decided 15 years later that my friend/enemy Arthur, is going to get the recognition he deserves.
He is living with me constantly.
Almost like a well enamoured lover who never wants to leave my side.
Some days he is quite aggressive.
others, not so much.
Today, he is going above and beyond the stages of assertiveness.
Meaning I am in a lot of pain today.

Yes I am getting another shot today at two, but until then…..Arthur is a constant visitor.

and not a welcome one either!!!

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