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whose ready for Spring?
Count me in!!!!


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stealing/borrowing   1 comment

I would like to think I am borrowing pictures from some else’s blog and posting them on my own.
I sure hope the lady in question doesn’t feel like I am stealing photos from her.
I guess and hope she feels the same way, that once a picture is posted, either in a blog or anywhere on the internet it is up for grabs to use for any one else.

she has some pretty amazing pictures on her blog, Miss Buttercup, and I hope she doesn’t mind my using them.

(If she does, please let me know!)

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on a freezing cold day like today, the temp is -16 and with the wind it is -31,

I need to be home with a roaring fire going and reading a good book.
almost seems criminal to have kids get out in this arctic air just to come to school.

common sense would say, let them stay home for the day……..

but I am just a peon and no one asks me what I think………

still doesn’t this roaring fire look inviting?

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I’d like to be underwater scuba diving and see this quiet beauty of dolphins, swimming gracefully across the ocean floor

I’d like to be this woman swinging on a beach in paradise

I’d like to be, on a sailboat seeing this majestic sight of a full moon on the ocean waters

or on a ship where I could watch the whales frolic in their habitat

or be one of these people hiking in this beautiful country……..

  but most of all I would like to be face to face with this young woman and be able to fix this estrangement between us………

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the gift of life…..the gift of the sun….of nature…..of ocean breezes…..of a promise of something great to come……….

the gift of tomorrow………

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I haven’t done a top five in a while so today I will do it.

Top five things to be happy about today is………..

5)  I am well enough to come back to work

4) It is Friday!

3) My sister and I are going to go visit another sister tomorrow

2) my children and grandchildren are all healthy!
 and the number one reason to be happy today is ……

1) I got to see all four of my grandchildren last night and it is always a wonderful time to have all four of them together!

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my daughter-in-law lost her job last Tuesday.
the reasoning she was told was that, she was the last one hired for the position she was in so therefore she was the first to let go.

My daughter’s boyfriends father lost his job yesterday.

same company.

It is scary.

I just can’t imagine it.
I mean if I lost my job or my husband lost his, wow….what a devastating thing that would be.
And while I know hundreds of people are going through this crisis…..I just can’t imagine how it would be to have to deal with such a thing.
Bills still come due… still needs to be on the table…….

ugh…..I feel badly for people.

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