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My son Matt   Leave a comment

My youngest son Matt is 25 today.
Hard to believe but it is true.

He is the son that has graced me with two beautiful incredibly wonderful grand daughters.

he is the one that was always the clown when he was a child.
he was the one that struggled with his weight through his entire childhood until he was a senior in high school and lost a hundred pounds, and has pretty much kept it off, but has added several dozen pounds of muscle to his frame.

Of my four children he was the second hardest to raise.
he had a mind of his own and he never has been one to show a lot of affection.

He and his wife moved to Wilton nearly a year ago and I am extremely proud of him for buying his own home and taking care of it the way he does.

He was a joy (although trying) as a child and he is a fine young man.
And I am proud to call him my son.


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It’s Friday!   Leave a comment

Yes I am here and I survived the MRI although I doubt I would have if my husband hadn’t been there literally holding my hand.

I would go madly insane if I had to be in one of those things for  a long time.
Hated it.

But anyway that is over and done with and now I await the doctor’s call so he can tell me what is wrong.

Or if it is anything other than arthritis

I am thrilled it is Friday.
Not that I have anything wonderful planned for the weekend, because I don’t.
it will just be nice to not be here.

I got my hair cut last night and it looks and feels so much better.
And my husband likes it so…….

what more can I ask for.

bought four new books at Barnes and Noble.
My husband and I went out to Red Lobster for supper which is delicious as always and then we got groceries too before coming home.

All in all it was a good night.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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