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today I go back and try to get myself through the MRI

I tried last week and couldn’t do it.

For a lack of a better way to explain it, the machine for the MRI, I likened to a coffin, but last night I was talking to my daughter about it and I said, “You know what it is, it is basically a morgue that they put your body on a slab and wheel you into your own little steel coffin until the family comes to collect your body”
and honestly that is what it is.
It is tiny and scary and I wake up at night thinking about it.

I imagine it is like being buried alive so to speak.
I hate the thought of it.
But the doctor gave me some medicine that I am supposed to take forty-five minutes to an hour before I get the MRI done.
I hope to God, it works.
And my husband will be in the room with me as well.
So between the two, I hope and pray I can handle the coffin for the ten  to fifteen minutes I am supposed to be in there.

ugh I dread it.


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