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I am borrowing this statement from a book I just finished reading.
The book is titled “Barefoot” and it is written by Elin Hilderbrand

a marriage is a pact you make with another person. It is a vow you take, it’s sacred, or so you believe on the alter.  It’s a promise that you’ll never be alone, you’re part of a team, a unit, a couple, a married couple.

that’s the dream anyway

keeping the faith in the marriage is what makes it work…that person should be your dearest love, your safe place, your best friend…your hero….

and as I was reading this I got a “Ah ha!” moment.
So that is what marriage is about.
Having been married for 29 years, one would think I would know all of this right?
It is a learning process….as I have stated previously…..a growing process…..

a test of wills sometimes…..

but if you put up with the not so great times, I believe it can be wonderful in the long run…….

I know my husband has my back…..has my best interests at heart.
Only he can look at our children and grandchildren and feel the love and admiration that I feel for them.
Only he knows me at my worst and at my best.

Marriage is team work.
To quote Julia Roberts in “The Mexican”

she asks Brad Pitt’s character “When is it time to say it is over?”
And of course he gives the correct answer by saying “Never”


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Sunshine state   Leave a comment

so I put in for the first week of April off to head to the Sunshine State.
can’t hardly wait.

It hasn’t been approved yet but hopefully it will be.

I miss the sun.
miss the warmth of it
Miss the ocean and the seagulls and pelicans.

I’m going to see if any of my children and their families want to go but I doubt if any of them will feel like they can afford it.
And my sister may go as well.

I would also like to go to Disney World one day while we are there.
Especially Epcot.


Now I just have to wait the 78 days until April first gets here

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