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my sister Linda is 54 today.
I haven’t seen her in probably sixteen years or so.
Her doing, not mine, although I haven’t ever put forth the effort to go and see her since the last time I did sixteen years ago.

She prefers to live a life that doesn’t include any of us
She is estranged from the entire family and chooses to be.

With Linda she always struggled in life.
She was the outsider, the black sheep I suppose.
She just never fit in, or maybe she just never wanted to.

She has always had a difficult life, always floundering, always looking for the quick answers.
She had eleven children and lost all of them in different custody battles because she just couldn’t seem to get her act together and be a responsible mother.

I think of her from time to time.
No not every day.
She is my sister and she is four years older than I am, but we have never been close.

Today is her birthday.
And I always think of her when her birthday rolls around simply because she is my sister.

I have asked my eldest sister for Linda’s address so I could write her and try to bridge this gap we have become but my eldest sister has a superior attitude when it comes to Linda, and refuses to give out the address.

We actually got in a fight about it a couple of years ago.
She had the audacity to tell me I didn’t care about Linda.
It made me boiling mad!
When I was a young wife and mother I made it a point of going to visit Linda at least once a month and try to befriend her.
But she was very indifferent and uncaring.
For years I tried to reach her.

When my eldest sister was off gallivanting around the country with various boyfriends I was trying to be a sister and help Linda.

But  hindsight is a wonderful thing……and my eldest sister has a hard time remembering what happened two years ago, let alone twenty or thirty years ago.

Still I do think of Linda and hope she is doing well.

Happy Birthday sis.


Posted January 9, 2011 by Marge in family, ramblings

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