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I’m staring at this computer screen thinking of a title for this blog.
nothing comes to mind.
Literally nothing.

my computer almost sounds like an airplane starting up its engines to take off….it roars to life….and then quiets down again until I go to log on to something else and then it roars to life again.
Sometimes it sounds like it could explode.

sitting here at work wondering why I am here.
My back hurts something awful today, and I think I pulled a muscle in it, when I was coughing so much during the night.

Ugh this getting old………

weekend plans are busy.
Have my grandson tonight, meet with my sister-in-law and her husband for breakfast and then have my two youngest grandchildren tomorrow night.
Sunday looks wide open, or as open as it can be with two grandchildren there until their mother comes to get them.

trying to not spend money is quite difficult for me.
I like to shop online and I am forcing myself not to .
I even logged onto a department store yesterday and before I allowed myself to look I opted out of there.
No use in tempting myself…..

okay I just titled the blog craziness.
For lack of anything more witty to put up there.

I sound like I’m losing it I know.

what can I say?
Except thank GOD it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!


Posted January 7, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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