The sign says……   2 comments

I need to wear a sign that says “Hey people I am dieting!”

because I have gotten two boxes of candy and several candy bars and a loaf of pumpkin bread for Christmas from the staff here at work.
Yes I know they mean well but,  I cut out sugar in my diet two weeks ago and I can not go back to eating it.

I gave all the candy to my son and his wife and family yesterday but I just got the loaf of pumpkin bread from another teacher today.

Maybe I will give it to my sister when I see her later today……..


Posted December 22, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

2 responses to “The sign says……

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  1. The holidays are the worst time if you’re dieting. People think they are doing something nice, making homemade treats to give as gifts. But you don’t need the temptation. Share the wealth with your co-workers and staff.

  2. I know it is a bad time to diet but I just felt like if I can do it now, than after the holidays it should be much easier!

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