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yep, last night on the news they said that we could be getting snow a week from now.

good thing I am heading south, next Thursday evening………


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allΒ  you need is love

And a warm place to hang your hat!

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one more test…..   Leave a comment

so here in an hour I have to be at the hospital for them to do a CT scan
or CAT scan as they are sometimes known to be called.

I had an Upper GI Endoscopy on Tuesday that the doctor said was fine.
So I will have this CT scan today and the doctor told me he will call me one day next week to let me know the results.

I am discouraged.
Discouraged because while I know I am not imagining this pain, I am discouraged that they can’t find a cause for it.

maybe I am just getting older and these are growing pains………..

maybe I am just over weight and am causing un necessary pressure on my organs

but I can tell you right now sitting here, I have pain in my stomach (I haven’t eaten since five thirty last night, due to the test today) and I have a burning knawing….sometimes sharp pain just below my breasts and into my rib cage.
this is not something I am imagining.

Damn it.

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lack of sleep   Leave a comment

so if I got six hours of sleep last night I will be amazed.
I kept waking up due to my sore throat.
Every time I swallow, it feels like thousands of little needles are pricking my throat.
It is painful.
And while I know this is part of the recovery process from the endoscopy, it still hurts.

so I am in a bad mood because I am tired.
I am tired from lack of sleep but I am tired too from not feeling well.
Rather sick of it actually

and while this wasn’t meant to be a bitch session I guess it is turning out that way.

On an upΒ note, a week from this evening we will be heading south for our five-day vacation
I can’t wait!!!!

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the picture of the day……….   2 comments

although this is something I will probably never learn to do, wouldn’t it be cool to surf????

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aches, pains and the whole crazy thing….   Leave a comment

I just hurt my back.
I knew better than to pick up a heavy box, but I did it anyway, thinking I was bending enough in my knees, holding my stomach tight and not straining my back.
Wrong again.
my throat hurts from the procedure they did yesterday
And they didn’t find anything wrong.
Not that I want to be sick, I just don’t understand where this pain is coming from if there is nothing wrong?????
I know I need to lose weight and as soon as I get a clean bill of health I am going to tackle it like never before………

on a up note…..eight days from this evening and we are leaving for vacation!!!
Yes it is only five days gone from work, but I am so looking forward to it!!!!

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I am sitting here with my four year old grand daughter and she wants to play barbies.
The best part is, she wants to tell me how I play and then what my barbies say, so really all I have to do is hold the barbies up and smile at her like I am paying attention.
and once in a while add a comment or two.

Love being Nana!

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I have the new Zac Brown Band song stuck in my head
It is titled “Falling in love as she is walking away”
It is a great harmony song and I like it a lot.

I have to tell you I fall in love almost every day.
Every day I see my grand children I fall in love all over again.
Especially if I go days between seeing them.

I didn’t have Keira and Kayla Saturday night because I was sick but I saw them yesterday and I just couldn’t get enough time to hug and kiss them.
Then I saw Aaron last night for a while and hugged and kissed on him.
He loves the mirror and the little baby boy who is staring back at him.
He actually laughs at that little boy in the mirror.
He was getting tired though before they headed home and he wanted to sleep so he was a bit fussy…..

still falling in love is one of the greatest gifts in life.
I am incredibly lucky to have so many grand children to fall in love with more and more every day.

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