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to me this inspires a new morning, a new day and the promise of something wonderful………

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I realize it is a Monday and most people aren’t too crazy about Monday’s but people seem rather crabby today.

which puts a damper on my good mood.
Believe me, if i didn’t know I had a five-day weekend coming up I would probably be crabby too, however because I do, I am in a good mood.

Now just to get others in a good mood too.

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4 to go   1 comment

well today is day one of four days to go until we leave on vacation.
Are you tired of me talking about it, dear reader?
What can I say?
I love my vacations.
Two months from today my husband and I are going to be heading to Florida for a week down there.
Yes that is Christmas day, but my children all have other places to be on Christmas these days so…..we are leaving for the south, that day.

on a different note I have a cold, sinus infection and a nasty cough.
Just love it
I drink orange juice regularly, one would think I could kick stuff like this….but nope………
I have a good cold right now.

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