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yep, last night on the news they said that we could be getting snow a week from now.

good thing I am heading south, next Thursday evening………


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allย  you need is love

And a warm place to hang your hat!

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one more test…..   Leave a comment

so here in an hour I have to be at the hospital for them to do a CT scan
or CAT scan as they are sometimes known to be called.

I had an Upper GI Endoscopy on Tuesday that the doctor said was fine.
So I will have this CT scan today and the doctor told me he will call me one day next week to let me know the results.

I am discouraged.
Discouraged because while I know I am not imagining this pain, I am discouraged that they can’t find a cause for it.

maybe I am just getting older and these are growing pains………..

maybe I am just over weight and am causing un necessary pressure on my organs

but I can tell you right now sitting here, I have pain in my stomach (I haven’t eaten since five thirty last night, due to the test today) and I have a burning knawing….sometimes sharp pain just below my breasts and into my rib cage.
this is not something I am imagining.

Damn it.

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