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I hit on this subject a few weeks ago about a friend who always wants to spend more time with me than I do her.
It is annoying.
She asked me a few minutes ago to go to lunch.
Well I fibbed and said I already has lunch plans.
Which I don’t.
I just don’t want to spend the time with her.
Am I horrible?
As I said in a previous blog all she wants to do is gossip and talk about her problems.
Maybe I am just not that good of a friend??
I suppose that is possible.

I want to say to her “Look when I want to see you and spend time with you outside of work, I will let you know.”
Sort of don’t call me I will call you sort of thing…..

and while that may sound and make me a total bitch…..I see her every day.
I talk to her every day!
She even comes to my office every now and then and sits in here with me on her lunch breakĀ  and complains.
I do not feel the need to see her outside of work.

not as often as she feels like we need to at any rate.

So I lied to her today and told her I can’t do lunch

Maybe I am the biggest bitch out there…..but I like my lunch time to enjoy reading or doing what I want to do.
not listen to her complain and gossip.

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so yesterday my new night employee here at the school started.
his name is Lamont and he seems like a very nice man.
I was nervous and unsure as I had to say goodbye to an exceptional custodian who wanted a school closer to where he lived.
But Lamont seems really nice and he managed to get most of what needed done, done.
I have faith that with time he will become faster and go overboard with the cleaning.
But it is nice to have someone who I know will stick around.

Posted October 12, 2010 by Marge in ramblings