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so I was wrong, the camera down the throat, or the medical term Upper GI Endoscopy, wasn’t today.
it will be next Tuesday at 8 am and I have to take the entire day off of work to recover from it.

The doctor said he will put me to sleep and then put the camera down my throat and check things out

he said it would take a few minutes is all for him to do the procedure.

he also wants me to have a CAT scan but they have to get approval from my insurance before they actually can set up a time for that.
SO….while I didn’t really learn anything today….he did give me another type of medicine to try to see if that helps elevate the pain a bit.
I hope so…..

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Monday….   Leave a comment

well here it is Monday morning again.
My very least favorite day of the week.

I have to go have that camera put down my throat here in two hours and I have to say I am not looking forward to that.
My daughter’s boyfriend, the one with Chron’s disease, said they put him to sleep when they did it.
And I would be alright with that.
not sure if that is how they will do it or not…..

but I do know it (this procedure) needs done so that I can figure out what is ailing me.
Sick ofย  not feeling well.

at any rate…..I will keep you posted…..

have a good Monday if you can……..

Posted October 11, 2010 by Marge in ramblings