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visiting with my two younger sisters   Leave a comment

had a  good weekend although as always it went by way too fast.
I had my Keira and Kayla over Friday night and until four thirty yesterday than I got my little Aaron for over night.
He slept nine hours and was incredibly wonderful the whole time.

He went home about four pm today and today my two younger sisters came down and we visited.
It was a good visit but… went quickly as they always do.
Way too quickly.

My sister Wanda, the baby of our family lives in Missouri and I can’t even tell you when it was since she was up here last.

Kathy I haven’t seen in over a month but we email every day.
Where as Wanda never gets on the computer to email.

still it was a great weekend, the weather was perfect and the bugs weren’t even that bad, but I did love visiting with my sisters and having the grand children here.


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