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pray and worry   1 comment

my daughter’s boyfriend….Adam has been suffering with Chron’s disease since he was sixteen.
he is now 24

well he went to have a colonoscopy  on Wednesday (I believe with his disease he has to have at least two a year)

they found a lot of ulcers on his colon and are talking surgery.
They did a biopsy to check for cancer also.

I feel badly for the guy.
he is so young to have this ailment.

And while I realize diseases do not discriminate…..I worry about him.
He is incredibly tall but he doesn’t have an ounce of extra body fat any where on his six-foot three frame.

He says he isn’t in any pain but his doctors are shocked because from what the tests showed he should be in a lot of pain.
They are afraid it will hit him suddenly since he isn’t in pain as of yet.

He and my daughter have a four-month old son.
And I only pray that my little peanut Aaron gets to see his daddy have a long and healthy life.

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