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so a few weeks ago I befriended my brother-in-laws ex-wife/current girlfriend on Facebook

I wrote her a note the other day asking if she and my brother-in-law would be interested in going out to dinner for his birthday in October.
Our treat.
She wrote me back and said thanks for the invitation but they were just too busy to take the time to do that right now.

My first thought was, too busy to eat?
you can’t take two hours out of your day?
But after thinking about it, I realize they just don’t want to, so they are using the busy card, to get out of it.

Oh well….if they don’t want our company or a free meal…..such is life right?


saves me at least fifty dollars if not more for their meal.

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should I?   Leave a comment

so I have been debating on weather or not I should get my hair back to its original color.
And to be honest with you, that color is an ugly dishwater blonde.
right now it is more blonde than not, especially on top and I have been tired of it for quite some time.
So the question is….should I go back to the original color or….stay blonde?

my original color is that of my grand daughters here, in the picture.
And of course you can see the blonde in my hair in this picture……..

what to do, what to do?

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moody   Leave a comment

okay I am feeling in a bit of a funk.
I feel like one day just is like the day before and will be the same tomorrow…..nothing changes….it is all the same…..

What is the purpose of all of this?
I haven’t a clue.
So I am in a mood.

Could it be the harvest moon outside?
I love Fall and I am thrilled beyond words that after today we will have cooler temps again.

I do know when there is a full moon the children at this school are more rowdy and unbelievably annoying to me.
Maybe it is that?

I think I need a vacation…….

and in five weeks from this evening we will be heading to Tennessee to enjoy a long weekend hiking and being a family.
Can’t wait.

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put in my place…….   1 comment

so yesterday I was goofing around like I always do when I see one of my co workers.
We both say “Another day in paradise” and we say “No other place we would rather be than here”
Or he will often say “Is there anywhere else we can have this much fun?” And I always come back with “Nope, I hate to go home at night cuz I love it so much here!”
And on and on.
It is just stupid mindless chatter because we both do not like our jobs.

Well yesterday as we were going through our usual routine about this being paradise and on and on, the other guy who works in the kitchen looks at me and says “You know Marge it gets really old to hear you talk about how much you hate this place every single day.  Every day you come in here and rant and rave”

I was stunned.
literally stunned.
for one, no one was talking to him…..the stupid dialog is between me and another guy whose name happens to be Guy….  and this other guy Randy, is never included in the conversation.

I realize it is silly and pointless but this is just how “Guy” and I converse.

I couldn’t believe that Randy went off on me like that.
I just shook my head and walked away.

But it got me thinking,…..maybe I was wearing on his nerves.
Maybe Guy doesn’t complain about the job unless he is having this mindless routine conversation with me every day.

Anyway Randy is 32 years old and he made me feel like he was my grandfather scolding me for missbehaving

and I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like it enough that I thought, okay for you bud…..see if I be friendly to you from here on out……

and while that may sound childish on my part, I was quite offended that he said that to me………

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A Welsh proverb   Leave a comment

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild

and I have to tell you this is so true.
I have loved and loved deeply and I have four children I love so much as well……but I didn’t know what perfect love was until I had my first grand-daughter.
Now that I have four of them, I realize what a blessed woman I am.
God has smiled down on me in so many ways but never more completely than with these four grandchildren!

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Ulcer anyone?   Leave a comment

so now my doctor thinks I may have an ulcer.
I go to see an Gastroenterology doctor in October and he will put a camera down my throat and check out my stomach and see what is what.

not looking forward to that but one of my sister’s told me it wasn’t that bad.
And I need to know what is causing me this pain that just never leaves me.

feels like I am falling apart……


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Royally pissed   Leave a comment

I can’t even begin to tell you what prompted me to look at my insurance statement on Saturday but I have to say it was a good thing I did.

I bought my new car in July and called my insurance company to ensure it.
Well I looked at the statement on Saturday to find they only ensured it for one month
1 month!!!!


I have a call into them right now and believe me I was royally pissed when I discovered this!
What would have happened if I had gotten in an accident?

Why would they only ensure it for one month!!!

God I hate stupid people!!!!

And while this may be an over sight on their part!!! What if I hadn’t caught it!!!!

Just goes to show you that you can never assume people will do what they are supposed to do.
You have to constantly check up on them!!!!
Damn it!

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My night with my girls   Leave a comment

well it was another night of sleeplessness.
Kayla was up from one thirty am until three thirty am until I forced her to lay down next to me in my arms and go back to sleep
this caused her  to not be able to move so therefore she had no choice but to go back to sleep
She wasn’t happy with me, but she did it.
Keira was awake a few times but only because Kayla was, but she would go right back to sleep

she is still sleeping now and it is 9 am!

Kayla is sitting here next to me, watching Barney.
I love my girls dearly, but ……..anyone who knows me knows I get cranky if I don’t get a lot of sleep

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Unsettled   1 comment

ever get to the point where you think “Is this all there is?”
“Is this what life is all about?”
the constant struggle….the same thing every single day never-changing from one day to the other…..

is this all there is?

I wonder truly wonder if people go through this as often as I do?
Is this all there is?
Isn’t there something more out there?

I am not depressed so please dear reader don’t think that…..
I just feel like my life never changes.
My life is my grandchildren

They bring me the greatest pleasure and they make me incredibly happy……yet… that insane?
Shouldn’t other things bring me as much joy?

nothing else does

I feel like I live in a hamster cage and just go round and round on the exercise wheel and nothing changes…..

And I realize it is up to me, and no one but me to make changes to get off that hamster wheel and make more of my life…..

I am going to move forward and make plans to improve things…..

Some day I must come first.
And right now I don’t…..everyone else does….

Life is too short to put myself last…. year after year….
it is time for a change…..and while this change may very well take a few months or a year to get it all together… make the change I will make the change!
IF I am in this same spot a year from now…..then I really do deserve to live in the hamster wheel and keep going round and round and going nowhere!

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sick of being sick   Leave a comment

okay here is day two of being sick.
Not sure if it is the flu, or vertigo or a reaction to some new medicine that I was put on last week.
All I do know is that I am quite sick of not feeling well.
Second day of missing work which I hate but I can’t work when I feel this way.

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